Club Officers

Lions Club Officers

This is list is a result of 17-18 Nomination Committee Meeting held on April, 12th, 2016

Term: July 1st, 2017 To June 30th, 2018

President: Al Hubbard
VP: Dawn Callahan
Secretary: John Deputat
Financial Secretary: Ron Hall
Treasurer: Jerry Selissen
Lion Tamer: Alsion Bissett
Tail Twister: Alison Bissett
Membership Chair: Joan Toscano
Vice-Chair: Sherry Hubbard
Committee Member: Denise DiPierro
Bulletin Editor: Bonnie Spiegel
Web Master: Hanson Bechat


Board Of Directors:

BOD 2017-2019 Term:

  • Robert Fowler
  • Erin Calla
  • Gene Walsh

BOD 2016-18 Term:

  • Ray Paquin
  • Robert Bump
  • Dawn Callahan