How do you donate your old eyeglasses to the Lions Club?

A list of Lions Club eyeglass recycling centers is available online at by clicking the Club Locator link at the top of the home page, and then the Eyeglass Collection Locations link. The list of eyeglass recycling centers is under the USA heading near the bottom of the page. The links to the individual centers provide information that may include the recycling center’s mail, street, website and email addresses.

The Lions Club provides donated eyeglasses to groups performing international missions. Information about the program is available at the bottom of the Eyeglass Recycling page.

Where To Recycle Old Eye Glasses In Tewksbury MA

Don’t throw your old eyeglasses away. Put them to a good use by supporting the Lion’s Eyeglasses recycling program. Eyeglass Drop Boxes  located at:

  • Tewksbury Post Office
  • Tewksbury Public Library
  • Tewksbury Senior Center
  • Salem Five (Tewksbury location)
  • Mass Eye (Tewksbury location)

How To Request Assistance

For nearly 100 years, Lions Clubs have worked to improve their communities through projects and programs. Each club is unique in how it serves. A Lions club in or near your community may sponsor a  program that provides assistance for the purchase of eyeglasses, hearing aids, health-related services, scholarships or educational needs. Contact Us For Details

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