Tewksbury Lions Club will be hosting the following events in our 2018-2019 season. Please take note of the meeting dates and follow us on  Facebook for latest event tickets and updates

The Tewksbury Lions Club Event Calendar

September 18 (Weds.) X-B Meeting @ Wamesit (7pm)

September 25 (Weds.) Meeting @ TJC’s (7pm)

October 9 (Weds.) Meeting @ TJC’s (7pm)

October 16 (Weds.) X-B Meeting @ Wamesit (7pm)

October 22 (Tues.) Annual Spaghetti Dinner @ TCC

October 23 (Weds.) Meeting @ TJC (7pm)*

November 5 (Weds.) Meeting @ TJC’s (7pm)

November 20 (Weds.) X-B Meeting @ Wamesit (7pm)

November 27 (Weds.) Meeting @ TJC’s (7pm)*  NO MEETING

December 11 (Weds.) Meeting @ TJC’s (7pm)

December 18 (Weds.) X-B Meeting @ Wamesit (7pm)


* These Dates & Locations are subject to change.